LuLaRoe Jessica Lauren

Unique? Yes, we are probably the first LuLaRoe daddy-daughter, d...aughter consulting team.

LuLaRoe is a company that promotes beauty, generosity, and excitement in life through clothing and fashion. The clothing is exceptional because it is flattering, adorable, and oh so comfortable!

So here is what we do: We buy various styles of clothing from LuLaRoe and sell them to customers that desire to be a part of something great, LuLaRoe. But the thing that makes it exciting is that LuLaRoe consultants receive different fabrics and patterns from one another. It's unknown to us what patterns we will obtain every time we get a shipment, how fun!

We are excited for your desire to be a part of something exciting! We will inform you of further information about our first party when we post our inventory and allow you to shop.