Facebook Manchester City Supporters Club!!

Everthing MCFC. Worldwide fans welcome.
Request to join by approval.

Rules & Regulations For Members of
Facebook Manchester City Supporters Club.

*Manchester City FC fans ONLY.

*This is is MCFC Facebook Forum so please keep the talk MCFC. If not related to MCFC you will be removed.

*STRICTLY no advertisements unless genuinely selling MCFC item(s) yourself.
(E.g. MCFC Jersey)

*False advertisements will result in that user being banned permanently. (E.g. Selling phone.)

*Do not insult other members.
* The use of the word cunt is strictly prohibited.
*Fascism directed at the foreign(Non-UK) fans will not be tolerated.
Everyone has the right to support MCFC no matter where the're from.

All rules are final and no exceptions will be made for anyone.
If you don't like these rules, leave.

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