Facebook Manchester City Supporters Club

Everthing MCFC. Worldwide fans welcome.
Request to join by approval.

Rules & Regulations For Members of
Facebook Manchester City Supporters Club.

*Manchester City FC fans ONLY.

*This is is MCFC Facebook Forum so please keep the talk MCFC or at least football related. If not related to any of the above you will be removed.

*STRICTLY no advertisements unless genuinely selling MCFC item(s) yourself.
(E.g. MCFC Jersey)

*False advertisements will result in that user being banned permanently. (E.g. Selling phone.)

*Do not insult other members.
* The use of the word cunt is strictly prohibited.
*Fascism directed at the foreign(Non-UK) fans will not be tolerated.
Everyone has the right to support who they like no matter where the're from.

*Any offensive comments will be deleted.
If that user persists to cause offense he/she will be banned permanently.

All rules are final and no exceptions will be made for anyone.
If you don't like these rules, leave.

Facebook Manchester City Supporters Club Administrators.