Mushroom Hunters of the World

mushrooms are our passion!
This is the 1st international fungi g...roup born on FB

Everybody has to do sacrifice and learn if they want to know the edible species and to have the right knowledge.Every area of the world has its own mushrooms so learn them on a good book for your area if possible. we are here just to give you a hand if you need it but don't take the entire arm.

-5 posts max per day(you can post even 1000 pictures but try to group them in one post),for ID request we only accept picture of mushrooms(not dry or old ones) in their habitat that show every important detail of the mushroom(cap,stem,underneath etc.)
-Do not ask if it's edible ,it's already really difficult to get an Id by photo ,only an expert having the mushroom in front of him can identify and tell if one mushroom is edible or not.if possible tell us where are the mushroom coming from(state) remembering that people from all over the world are seeing your post .
-Do not post images that you don't own directly.
-Do not post your harvests,we are against big harvests and show offs.Post pictures of the mushrooms in their natural habitat.we love them!
Oh and no people researching psychoactive mushrooms and info on them at all costs please. there is shroomery for that!
All posts that don't fit the rules will be removed as soon as possible.
((Don't forget to post your best pictures ,every week i'll choose the best one and pin it up))

List of local groups ordered by area and Nation :

Keys for Fungi Identification in Europe: