Maharashtra - WithCongress

‘With Congress’ is a volunteer driven campaign on social media t...o support our Party, the Indian National Congress. While we are engaging with a lot of people at the national level, we realize the importance of engaging people from different states on state specific issues.

We have already created state level groups, in different states, to ensure that local issues get their due importance.

We now have a Maharashtra – WithCongress group that is bringing together everyone from the state.
The idea is to ensure that not only we will talk about our party and its achievements in different parts of country but will also work towards increasing the penetration of With Congress across the state of Maharashtra.

Come join the initiative and ask your friends too to spread the word.

The group will be managed by friends from Maharashtra only, so we encourage you to use Marathi and discuss local issues that are relevant for our state.

Please fill up this form to start receiving authentic information on party’s stand on different issues.