Malaysia Dragon Nest ServeR(SEA)

Welcome to Malaysia Dragon Nest Server Online MMORPG !

This group is dedicated for Malaysian DN SEA players From all server ! !!

#If korang ade frend play DN gak .. please Invite !
#More members more fun
#Dont worry this group is a sporting group :3

-No spam links !
-no scam ID
-No show Off !!
-can freely post ur Charac here
-Keep a nice attitude and speak politely.

*Sebarang Link about blaa blaa blaa yg annoyed akan terus didelete harap maklum
*Please message directly to the admins to report any problems.
* All warnings and bans are permanent without hesitation.

#Active admin
Yat Hidayat
Neko Sama
Amirul Safwan
Khalid Al Walid
Shafie Archer
Ariff Azhan
Fathin Farhana
#Trusted CC seller
<a>Ngu Khet Loong</a>

-Kalau ada member lagi ajak la msok group nih lagi ramai lagi meriah :D
-kalau yang imba2 tuh . jangan la cma tau nak berlagak je . tolong2 la same the newbies :D