Malaysian Mixed Marriages

Malaysian Mixed Marriages is a Nonprofit Social Club founded in Nevada, United States in 2011 by Pon Jumat, who is also known as Joyah Vegas among MMM members. The club first started as a Facebook club and has now evolved into an established club for Malaysians who are married to people of other nationalities, races, ethnicities, and religions. As of 2014, the club has more than 700 members worldwide.

As cultural, geographic and religious barriers continue to break down, more and more Malaysians are exposed to and accepting mixed marriages in their culture. However, there are still conflicts that concern interracial marriages, especially those involved. The club believes that the majority of them reside abroad, away from their cultural norms, making the conflicts difficult for some to adjust. Therefore, the club is a source of connection among its members to share their daily life experiences, posting daily activities, connecting with others in the same region at the same time, and enabling them to share with one another and ease the differences that they have faced.***

MMM is for all Malaysians in mixed marriage only, no matter what race and religion.Members are welcome to post anything except political,religious and racist comments.Provoking members and stirring up trouble are also not allowed..Vulgarity,hate, nudity and strong language also are prohibited. Anything friendly and promoting harmony are welcome. You are allowed to advertise/promote any business interest from time to time on a limited frequency. If you have any problems, please discuss them privately direct with the founder Joyah Vegas via her inbox.

Note: All Islamic issues can be discussed in our sister group Wanita Rantauan.