Merle Chihuahua UK

Merles should NEVER be bred to another merle. This causes... terrible deformities and pups can be born deaf and/or blind. This is absolutely unacceptable on this group. Also, no high white to merle matings as these can cause blindness too.
Merles should only be bred to dark solid colours. These are black, blue, choc & lilac.
Merles should never be bred to red, fawn, sable, cream or high white. This causes merle pups born from these matings to lose their markings, creating hidden or phantom merles. We have had a few litters on this group now where double merle pups have been created by a phantom merle to a normal merle. From now, no pups that have been born from a mating with a merle to a fawn, cream, sable, red or high white will be allowed to be advertised. Double merles are not allowed to be advertised.
I created this group not only for merle owners to have a safe place to show off their lovely dogs, but to educate Chihuahua owners on responsible merle breeding.
Merles get a bad enough reputation as it is, we need to be fixing this and showing that merles are healthy beautiful dogs when bred correctly. We can only do this by leading by example and having beautiful but healthy merle Chihuahuas on our group.
Any members that have phantom merles are more than welcome to stay in the group, but no pups will be allowed to be advertised from them.
In summary:
Only solid colours are to be bred to merle, only black, blue choc or lilac merles are accepted to be advertised on this group. We are here to help and educate so please ask any questions you have and we will be happy to answer. We are here to improve the merle Chihuahuas in the UK and we can only do that by breeding responsibly!