Hello, new members! This group serves for the purpose of the enj...oyment of HEAVY METAL, HARDCORE, PUNK and CLASSIC HARD ROCK.

Rules and Guidelines:
1.) Feel free to post any videos, photos, interviews, concert flyers, fanzine articles...ANYTHING for the most part.

2.) Absolutely NO EMO, NU METAL, METAL CORE (exceptions are HATEBREED and SHADOWS FALL) and/or GRUNGE. Please do not post bands that are extremely mainstream and have no edge. If it MUST be a post of any of the "Big 4", please make sure that the posts content is pre 1990.

3.) Everyone has their own opinion. Spirited debates are great, just no personal attacks on your fellow members. No posting about social issues, especially racist AND anti-law enforcement sentiments.

4.) If you would like to advertise in this group, just ask. 99.9% sure that I will say, "Yes!".

Have fun and I hope that you enjoy the group!!