All Things Michael Kors

This GROUP is for AUTHENTIC Michael Kors items only~ no fakes allowed and no other names brands allowed in this group.
This GROUP is for USA only.

All sellers with 6 or more items MUST make ALBUM. Sellers will have an unlimited amount in 1 album and 1 album only per person. The more pictures you have the better chance you have in selling your items.
You must know how to make album, have a PayPal account, how to invoice BEFORE SELLING ANYTHING OR BUYING ANYTHING!

Must be willing to ship & add tracking #


This is a drama free group. We have rules and are very strict with them.
New profiles will not be added to the group! We have very strict requirements to get into group.
Welcome to a great group! Admins: Nickie Sherbert, Holly Belknap, and Cricket Jones