Militaria Collector's Network

The Militaria Collector's Network, or MCN, was set up in Novembe...r 1998. It's aims are to bring together collectors and dealers from all over the world so that they may share knowledge and experience in our mutual hobby.

Our main website:

It really came about because of the disillusionment of a few collector's who were finding that the Internet was of no real help if you had a problem or query. It seemed to be full of spam, adverts and the like, with no sense of camaraderie. What was needed was a forum that offered help, advice, fake alerts, recommendations of honest dealers (as well as warning of bad ones!) as well as a friendly atmosphere. One of the main advantages of the MCN is that we are basically a bunch of committed collectors who really care about our hobby. We strive to help our members find out about unidentified items within their collections, trade/sell between ourselves, share information etc.

ADMINS: Their word is law, be nice to them. They have the power... ;)

Lenny Warren -Chief Admin, owner, originator of the MCN. ;)
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Keep it on topic. We are here to discuss collecting militaria and military history. Avoid getting into political, religious or other off topic discussions.

Keep it civil, no abusive posts, be courteous and respectful to your fellow MCN'ers.

No neo-nazi, revisionist, racist comments. They'll be deleted and you'll be banned.

If an ADMIN calls END EX, (Police and military term for END EXCERCISE) that's it. DO NOT COMMENT FURTHER. The topic is closed. If you comment further you will be warned and/or banned.

No buying or selling in this page, please visit the NAAFI at our main website:

Do NOT ask if anything is for sale in the main group. If it was for sale it would be in the NAAFI, with a price on it. Your post will be deleted and if you keep doing it, you'll be warned and/or banned.