I Felt In Love With Satoshi!

Yes! Recently I felt in love very ...much with Satoshi! I eat, sleep, breath, wake up with Satoshi. I played hard and work smart with Satoshi.

Who the heck is Satoshi? Foodies thought that I have found a new Japanese Sushi that they have missed out? A Japanese food name that they never heard? A Japanese restaurant they have not yet discover? Nope! None of this.

My friends thought... then who is this lucky Satoshi, (a Japanese babe?) that I have felt in love and have made me so crazy? Day in and day out, everything.... Satoshi...... Satoshi... Satoshi. It drive them nut. Sorry friends, it is not a Japanese babe (but I wish too.. :) )

Only a small amount of community out there knew who is the Satoshi that I am talking about. For those already knew, I gave you a "Thumb Up"

For those want to find out, welcome to check Satoshi.