[MrsPresson.com Community] US I-129F Fiancé(e) Petitions, K1 Visas, AOS

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We mostly discuss US Immigration topics relating to I-129F Petitions, K1 Visas and AOS. Most members are still at the AOS Stage so future topics will include ROC and Naturalization / US Citizenship.

However, this group is not entirely for those topics alone. We can talk about ANYTHING under the sun. Just don't make the group's feed your personal wall, you have your own timelines for that. I believe you can use your own judgement for that.


RULES? Well, we only ask for 4 things:

(1) READ the MrsPresson.com ARTICLES and/or PINNED posts first before asking. Check the Files Section, too! The answer might already be staring you in the face.
» Complete list of available articles: http://mrsprsn.us/Articles
» Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's): http://mrsprsn.us/FAQ
» Use the SEARCH field on the upper right corner to find discussions within the group.

(2) Please no solicitations / advertising / referral links / or anything of that kind. This is NOT a COUPONING group. Zero Tolerance and will result to a ban.

(3) We promote peace. We dislike drama. As long as you're respectful to others, and not just to admins, you're all good. RESPECT is highly valued in this group. Correct others in a respectful way - if you can correct them privately, send them a message. Be humble when you're corrected and accept that you're wrong. This applies to admins, too.

(4) Posts can only be in ENGLISH because we aim to involve other nationalities in the discussions as well. The majority of the group *might* be Filipino, but we welcome each and every one who are undergoing the same process as we are.

Let me reiterate:

READ FIRST, ASK LATER. Do a search on the group's posts, comments, etc. Read the articles and FAQ's.