Mt. Juliet-Lebanon Trading Post

This group is for anyone that lives in Mt. Juliet, Hermitage, Old Hickory and Lebanon and wants to advertise their goods or business or buy, sell, trade or give away goods or services.
Please comment under the seller's post/ photos if you wish to buy and say "interested". Seller should go in order of interested buyers.
All meet-ups should be arranged in the Mt. Juliet- Lebanon area. If you live outside this area, that is fine, but do not expect other trading post members to come to your area. (Exception: If you're selling furniture or large items that must be picked up at your home, or cannot leave your home due to car trouble, etc. Please mention your city or county up-front so buyers decide if it's worth the extra time and gas.)
Once an item is sold, please delete your ad. If your mobile device won't allow you to delete group posts, please alert a group administrator and we will remove the post for you.
Buy and sell at your own risk. The administrators are not responsible for the items bought/sold/traded on this trading post, nor are we responsible for your personal safety.
PLEASE NOTE: NO Firearms allowed to be posted on this site except for Member Travis Easterly who is a responsible seller.

Some posting Lingo:

FCFS- means first come first served. Meaning who ever can get to it first gets it. Should the seller choose this option at some point just add FCFS to your post.

Bump-means you are bumping your item to the top of the list. If you want more exposure add a comment to your existing post stating bump.

If you have any trouble with a member being nasty to you please notify an administrator so that we can remove the member if need be.

*** No fighting or temper tantrums, just be adults, make money, find some great deals and gain new customers through networking in your community! Happy Posting!