Mums in Point Cook, Victoria Australia

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ADMIN MESSAGE-This is a support group for the mums in the Point Cook area.

Business posts are ONLY welcome on 'Business share Wednesday' or alternatively add to the 'Business Document' for your own business advertisements.

'Mums in Point Cook Market day' will be held every Saturday. NO other day is permitted. Please use this day to advertise any items you have for sale (non business posts) and no bumping please. If you have many items for sale, please try to create an album to avoid flooding the page.

Feel free to add to the 'Recommendations document' for anything you want to share and keep track of (so they don't get lost in the sea of posts!)

***People that block admins will be removed from the group***as will mums that are inconsiderate and disrespectful to others. This is at the discretion of the groups admin.

***Accounts created 'yesterday' will not be permitted to join***

Enjoy! :-)