Musicians, Venues & Radio

Musicians, Venues and Radio is an open group started by Linda Ri...ncon Lopez, former owner of Bo's Barn Dancehall & Nightclub in Salado, Texas. Linda's father (Louie Rincon - now deceased) was a professional musician who was the first fiddle player (and who gave the band their name) for Jimmy Heap & The Melody Masters. He also filled in and played for Ray Price, Bob Wills, Hank Thompson and many other well-known old country greats before Linda was even born. Linda's hope is to do whatever she can to keep LIVE MUSIC ALIVE IN TEXAS, whether it be Country, Christian, Rock, or whatever genre. This page is not only limited to musicians, venues and radio stations in Texas, but all over the United States. This group accepts invitations of ALL musicians, venues and radio station regardless of city or state. Enjoy and please post all you need to post. Thank you.