Namibian Pit Bull Association (NPBA)

Welcome to the NPBA's (Namibian Pit Bull Association) FaceBook Group

We are the Namibian National American Pit Bull Terrier(APBT) Show and Registration Body/Authority. We promote and enhance the positive image of the breed and its outstanding qualities of courage, intelligence, loyalty, agility and spirited affectionate disposition.

WE ARE STRONGLY AGAINST DOG FIGHTING and the use of the breed for any activity that will negatively affect the breed

One of the objectives of the NPBA is to promote and enhance the breed and show responsible Pit Bull owners how to make the most of their dog.

Activities associated with the N.P.B.A

•Registration of American Pit Bull Terriers
•Registration of American Pit Bull Terrier Kennels
•Conformation (Show/Dog Sport)
•Long Hang (Show/Dog Sport)
•High Jump (Show/Dog Sport)
•Weight Pull (Show/Dog Sport)
•Rescue & Rehoming of American Pit bull Terriers

The NPBA - Protecting the interests of Namibian Pit Bull owners and Breeders

Contact Details:

Cell: 081 262 3093
Fax2Email: 088 651 9223