National Autistic Society Lancaster and Morecambe Branch

This Facebook group is for members and volunteers of the Lancaster and Morecambe Branch of the National Autistic Society. All members requesting to join the group must have a connection to Autism in a personal or current professional role. Access to this group is restricted to people who have already completed a branch membership form and once completed will be able to view posts and comment on the group. Membership is essential to uphold safeguarding protocol for the members of the page. For more information or to join the branch please visit our website or contact us via email with any questions. No advertising of a service for personal gain is allowed and all posts relating to a business or service not endorsed by the National Autistic Society will be removed. All branch volunteers give up their time freely and out of a common sense of purpose as all are parent carers to children and young people with a diagnosis of an Autistic Spectrum Condition. As such, we hope you appreciate time constraints and the work that is entailed with running a group such as this. We will respond to all requests to join the group within due course. Please be patient and be aware that we run a reduced service during school holidays due to family commitments.