Northwest Gambian Association ( NWGA )

Seattle Gambia Association now named as Northwest Gambian Association is a community based, all-volunteer non-profit oversight organization of the Gambian community in Seattle and the entire Northwest.The (NWGA) was formed in 1996 to organize the rapidly-growing Gambian population in the Seattle area. The NWGA’s mission is to provide organization and advocacy for the local Gambian-American population. In addition to our stateside efforts, we also provide support to health, education and rural development programs in The Gambia.

The NWGA's Executive oversees the day-to-day operations of the association. This executive is comprised entirely of volunteers who are elected by the community every two years.

The NWGA receives financial support through fundraising activities and community donations. One hundred percent (100%) of this money is returned back to the community through NWGA-sponsored community events, scholarships, and our health, education and rural development project in The Gambia.

Some of our projects in The Gambia include:

-Financial support to ongoing HIV/AIDS awareness programs;

-Financial support for rural health and education Peace Corps projects;

-In-kind and financial support to anti-malarial efforts;

-Tuition relief through merit-based scholarships to students:

-In-kind and financial support to The Gambia Red Cross.

In addition to serving the needs of the Gambian diaspora in greater Seattle, the NWGA also strives to promote cross-cultural understanding between Gambians and the local communities and provide volunteer and educational opportunities to contribute to the betterment of the Puget Sound region