Group is for all Fijian Island boiz from NZ but all Fijian Brothers and Sisters are welcome to join from anywhere in the world.

Post up pictures and videos of your cars and lets show the world how we do it.

Most important of all "LETS UNITE"

Commandments of the New Zealand Fijian Cars.

Simple Rules:

*No abusive language

*We will not tolerate any Any posts that are abusive towards the law enforcement fraternity

*Keep it Car Related.

*Spam includes advertisements, content deemed inappropriate or illegal, and flooding of the boards;
Spammers will receive a swift kick in the ass, as well as a lengthy ban.

* Don't Sell your Shit on this Group. We don't care about what you are selling.

*Don't be shy to share you photo's or videos

*No Illegal Meets or races to be organized on here

*You talk shit, You get Banned (Simple). We don't need keyboard warriors on here.

Feel Free to get in-touch with the Admins if required;

Ifraz Begg
Tabz Khan
Lawrence Desmond Saxby
Zuhayr Farook
Ifraaz Joseph

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Enjoy your Stay!