Natty Accessories Designs by Aliaa Ahmed Fathi..

we make handmade accessories by gemstones & wire & metals plated gold or silver .. you can make your own design too any idea in your mind we can design it for you ..
Now we would like to take part in your special occasions Birthdays , Sboo3 , Wedding , Henna , Engagement , KatbKtab, Bachelorettes , Christmas and New Year by making all the accessories.
We have different designs like : T-shirts, Tiaras, Hats ,Masks, Badges, Frames , Vails, Bridesmaids bracelets and Medals.
We also make all give aways of any occassion like ,, Sboo3 give aways . & any occassion u need.
If u have any idea we can design it to u isa .
Photos soooooon , for some of our ideas & designs ..
We offer special prices ... according to the number of pieces..
To make order plz call us on 01222151515 a week before the event date ..