New To You !

You can either make your own album or post directly to the wall.... Everything that is added directly to the wall will be deleted after 30 days, no matter what.
*Do not keep uploading the same photos over and over, double posting is NOT allowed
please mark your items with a accurate description. If you have it posted on other sites please also mark it cross posted as well.
* All posts must include: price, size, expiration date if applicable, and A PICTURE. Condition, location, pick up location, and anything else is optional.
*On that note, please also DELETE YOUR ITEMS AS SOON AS they have sold!
* Do not offer a higher amount than what the seller is asking just to jump in front of others interested. No Auctioning off items.
* This is NOT a first come, first served site How this site operates is that the first person to comment has first dibs on the item. Even if they ask a question, such as "What are the dimensions?" That members is showing interest. They have 24 hours to reply or pass. As a seller, you can then go to the next person DO NOT ASK THE SELLER TO BRING THE ITEM TO YOU OR MEET YOU CLOSE TO YOU. YOU MUST MEET THE SELLER AT A LOCATION NEAR THEM. This is also NOT AN AUCTION site.

NO SHOWS: if you commit to buying an item and set a date time and not show up you will be warned, and if you no show again then you will be banned.
*** We do NOT allow the sale of guns, food/formula, drop sided cribs, expired car seat (if posting a car seat you must post a pic of the expiration date) , recalled items, x rated items, knock off items.
***We also do not allowed advertisement of your MLM (weight loss, oils, jewelry, etc). Homemade items are allowed, but are to be sold as all other items. We do not allow spam! We will immediately ban you if you spam our site.