New Zealand Fishkeepers.

*** Please read before posting ***

A friendly group for all New Zealanders that keep or breed any type of fish. Feel free to ask questions, post pictures, sell items or just unwind and have a chat with other enthusiasts.

General Rules:

- Friendly banter between members is fine, but please keep anything malicious or hurtful out of the group.

- Please only offer advice if you genuinely know what you're talking about. We appreciate people trying to help, but bad advice can cause severe consequences.

Trading Rules:

- The trading / selling of fish or equipment is permitted, although it is suggested that long distance trades should use a legal entity such as, as this will help in the event of a dispute.

- If selling an item, please state your location and the price of the item. Posts without this information will be deleted.

- Trading posts asking for "cash offers" will be deleted. Name a price - no exceptions.

- Trading posts asking for "swaps" are permitted, but you should state the items that you are wanting to swap for.

- When an item has sold, please delete the post or clearly state that the item has sold.

If you have any suggestions or problems, please feel free to message an admin.