New Zealand Locomotives

Facebook page for the New Zealand Locomotives Yahoo!Group.

Group Rules:

Membership of this group is a privilege, and members breaching these rules may be removed from the group at any time without notice.

1) This is a hobby group, open to the general public, of amateurs and
professionals, and as such, viewpoints, understandings and interpretations of aspects of the railway scene will greatly vary. This diversity should be respected by all members.

2) All members have the right to post about train and railway topics in an open manner, including expressing their personal viewpoints, without being subjected to accusations, demands for explanations or retractions from any other member.

3) The group does not represent any company, business, union, political party, organisation or ideology, and therefore views expressed or topics raised, are not required to be aligned with any of the above, and are the view of the individual poster.

4) No member is permitted to pressure any other member into restricting or modifying their postings or viewpoints to be aligned with the interests of any company, business, union, political party, organisation or ideology.

5) Personal attacks or bullying of any kind are not permitted. Bullying includes such things as making fun of, harrassing, slandering, defaming, attempting to embarass, threatening, insulting, or repeatedly criticizing any other member on a personal level.

6) Posting numerous frivolous postings for the purpose of boosting post counts is not permitted.

7) When posting links to third party works members should use discretion and not post too many times, as posting numerous links can be considered as spam by other members. Members should also be careful not to dominate the group wall by posting many new threads in quick succession.

8) Swearing is not permitted.

9) Sharing of other people's photographs or material should state the name of the person who the photograph or material was created by, wherever possible.

10) Applicants with non-New Zealand profiles, and with no obvious interest in trains and railways in their publicly viewable profile, or who belong to more than 100 Facebook groups, will not be approved.

11) Applicants selling or pretending to be selling products, or with profiles considered to be fake, will be reported to Facebook for account deletion.

12) Members are not permitted to use this group to promote other groups of similar nature, personal websites or commercial websites, without permission from admin. This includes both direct promotion, and indirect promotion (such as regularly linking posts to such other sites with the intent of driving traffic to those sites).