2014 Newcastle Mummies

A group for mums/parents to be in 2014 in Newcastle. Whether you are due with your 1st or your 10th if you're having a bub in 2014 this is the place for you to chat with other locals and make new friends (we hope) with others that have babies around the same age :-)

When joining the group, be aware that to protect the group members we will decline requests from any profiles that seem suspicious. If we decline your request to join, just pm an admin (Susan Samy or Natalie Hogan) letting them know you are a REAL person and we will then add you.

Once you join, we request that you introduce yourself and add at least some basic details to the “Mummies Details” doc located under ‘Files’.
*NOTE* Any new members who do not introduce themselves will be removed from the group after a month. (You don't need to KEEP commenting in the group - just let us know who you are, and a bit about yourself so we know you are real).

Advertising and promotion of your business is allowed but please limit this so the wall does not become flooded with posts about businesses. There is a document in ‘Files’ where you can add your details so others can always see them. Multiple wall posts may be removed at the discretion of admin.

Please check out the 'Files' and ‘Events’ tab to read up about other members and contribute to our group documents to help other mummies enjoy all the things you like, and see what we are doing each week…

We hope you enjoy connecting with other mums around the area, please help to keep it friendly by being respectful ☺