LuLaRoe Nicole Shaw

Welcome to my LuLaRoe VIP group! Thank you for supporting my bus...iness! I will post inventory here weekly. LuLaRoe makes one of a kind cothing for women sizes 00-26. Only about 2500 items made from any particular fabric, truly is one of a kind! VIP sales will be held on Fridays weekly.

Interested in earning free clothes?? All hostesses get a free pair of leggings for hosting a party! For every 10 items sold, hostesses earn a free item. Contact me for dates available.

First class shipping $4, Priority shipping $6. Free shipping on orders over $100!


Contacting us: To best serve you, please contact us via email us at Wall posts and PMs can quickly get lost in the hustle and we want to make sure you are answered in a timely matter!

To Claim An Item: First person to comment on the picture 'SOLD' gets the item. No edits. If you say next, you must also say sold in order to properly claim. We follow these rules strictly to be fair to all customers :). We do not do pre-sales.

If passing, PLEASE pass under your own claim post and not to a specific person and please do not delete your claim. If invoicing is in progress, it is too late to pass and we ask you to please cancel
Your claim via replying to the invoice email. Thank you!

Payment is sent via email from All invoices go out within 36 hours of claiming. We both work other jobs and have 2 crazy little girls who keep us busy during the day! All invoices come from LuLaRoe processing, we do not accept PayPal.

Orders must be paid within 24 hours or will be put back into stock.

Please fill out the Google form every time you shop!

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