FaceBay Dundee

A buying and selling family friendly group for the people in dundee & surrounding areas.

This group differs from the rest of the buying and selling groups on facebook.

No shows - first time warning - second time PERMANENT ban
5 individual pictures or make an album - anymore than 5 not in an album will be deleted or not approved
- No over 18 items, knives, guns etc
- No gas items unless have a gas safety certificate
- No business posts - those that are here already will stay but no new businesses will be approved
- No links to other pages
- charity events will be approved
- Bump rule still applies 5 hours from last comment
- No offers everything must have a guide price!
- No internet stock pics!
If people don't like the rules then leave
If you constantly ignore the above you will be banned

We advise members to create albums for their items also so that buyers can find them easier

Please join if you accept these rules. Thanks Nybee owner/Admin