North Eastern Indiana Auctions

1) Each post MUST include a picture, your starting bid amount, location and when the auction ends.
2) Auctions cannot go any longer than 48 hours.
3) If you are posting more than one item, please post them seperate, do NOT list them all together.
4) Minimum of $1 bid increments. Any bids less than a $1 increments will be deleted either by the seller or the admins.
5) If you bid on an item and win, you MUST arrange with the seller a pickup time. If you don't show up,call them, message them, or text them, you will get one warning, next time, you WILL be deleted from the site.
6) Please delete your post after pickup arrangements are made. You will have 12 hours to make arrangements. If the post is still up after 12 hours of your auction ending, it will be deleted.
7)One bump per day is allowed.
8) NO ANIMALS!!! If we see an animal posted, your post will be deleted immediately and you will get one warning. If it happens twice, you will be deleted.
10) Admins are NOT getting in the middle of making your arrangements for pick ups. It is between the buyer and seller. Please do not ask us to interfere.
11) Everything on this site is sold AS IS. We, the admins, are not responsible for any of the items that we do not sell personally.
If you have any questions, concerns or comments, feel free to message one of the admins, or just tag them. The admins are

Faith Rader-Barrett, Randy Barrett Jr, Jessica Votee, Don Burke