Northeast Ohio Vinyl Club (Cleveland / Akron)

Welcome to Northeast Ohio Vinyl Club, a group for people who enj...oy listening to the cracks, and pops of vinyl and for those who love going on the hunt in the area. We are housed out of Cleveland but branch south to Akron, west to Toledo, and east to Youngstown.


Feel free to post anything related to vinyl.

Sometimes images may be posted, that some people may find offensive, if that is you then perhaps this is not the group for you. Album covers are as much work of art as the music contained in the grooves. We do not censor.

Post photos of what you are spinning, no one wants to see a stock image from a google search.

Trolling will not be tolerated ever. It is annoying. It isn't funny and you will be kicked out no questions asked. If you think you might be trolling you probably are. (Unless it is Jason Burchaski and Mike Albertson which happens on a daily basis)

If you wish to list stuff for sale on the that's fine but it is not the basis of this group. There are many other groups out there that do that specifically.

However...we encourage local area business to post some of their cool stuff they got in for sale.

We support local shops: A Separate Reality, Bent Crayon, Blue Arrow, My Minds Eye, Loop, The Exchange, Hausfrau, This Way Out, Music Saves, Vinyl Groove, Record Den, Lucky Records, Record Revolution, Hallow Bones, Time Traveler Records, Square Records, Calhoun Record Shop, The Bomb Shelter

We all love our gear, no issues ever posting pictures, or even advice on your setup. We have a couple great resources here for that exact thing.

Please be courteous towards others. We aren't interested in hearing about what you think "sucks, it just drags down the positive vibe and invites more of the same. If you don't like something, please just move on to the next post. In return, we all promise to show you the same courtesy unless it is Steely Dan.


Mr. Northeast Ohio Vinyl Club Founder Jason Burchaski