Nourishing Families in Algeria

Welcome Keepers of the Home (in Algeria)!

Homemaking is a beautiful, life-giving, monumentally important career. But it is hard work. We are wives, mothers, household managers, cooks, teachers, nurses, laundresses, nutritionists, toilet scrubbesr, gracious hostesses, boo-boo kissesr, checkbook balancers, gardeners, chauffeurs, diaper-changers, baby-wearers, lost-sock finders, jam makers, gift givers, story tellers, seamstresses ... we wear many hats in order to nourish our familes. So we have created this little group for women living in Algeria to make life little easier by sharing homemaking, marriage, parenting, cooking and general survival tips for those living or planning to live in Algeria.

Please remember this is WOMEN ONLY group, open to those LIVING IN, MOVING TO or. Also this is homemaking/womanhood/parenting/food group so let's keep the topics related to homemaking, economics, education, shopping, self-improvement, expat living and food related topics based in Algeria are allowed.

To keep this group harmonious and peaceful we have some RULES. The rules may be viewed in the "Doc" section of the group. If you need help finding them, contact the Admin.

To be admitted to the group you must:

1)) Be a verifed female, currently living, in the process of relocating to Algeria or who spends a great deal of time here. All others won't be added to the group at this time. We require this to avoid lurkers, gawkers and trolls.

2)) Any new members who would like to join are asked to write the Admin(s) stating their first name, location, and reason for wanting to join the group. We're a group not looking for a quantity of ppl but quality members.

3)) Upon approval to the group new members are asked to review the group rules and post an introduction of themselves on the group wall. Failure to do so will result in removal from the group.

Let' s keep this a happy house that is informative, warm and friendly for all to enjoy and benefit from. :D