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ALL OUR RECIPES ARE IN "FILES." Please check there.

Here is a site to reminisce about the food, history, culture and traditions of Lithuania. Tell us about some of the events growing up in a Lithuanian family, and especially the food you ate. If you have access to them, post the recipes to share with all of us.

If your trying to remember eating something as a kid and can't remember what it's called, post a description of it. Someone will likely know what it is and can post the recipe.

If you don't have recipes or stories about Lithuania to post, then just join us and enjoy the cuisine and discussions. Try a recipe and let us know how it came out. We'll also help you with trouble shooting.

Many of these recipes differ from family to family, so It will be interesting to see more than one post of the same recipe. Check out all the recipes in "Files."

ALL postings to be written in English. A Lithuanian article and recipe can be posted but MUST have an English translation with it. Without translation, the posting will be Deleted. REMEMBER, 100% of the members can read English, but only a small percentage can read Lithuanian. This site is for all, not just for the small percentage.

Note: No one has the right to use posted recipes for their own advantage, as in printing and distributing. Everything including advertising, must be approved by the Administrator PRIOR.

Under NO circumstances is anyone allowed to edit another person's recipe. This is just common sense. We have many of the same recipes posted, but variations of it. Different regions of the country made the same dish differently. Never, ever change someone's recipe. Post your own. In the future, if anyone changes someone's recipe, I will remove them from the group.