Occupy local small business bars and restaurants

I have started this group to show support for local small businesses. By occupying the empty tables at local restaurants and bars, occupying the empty isles at local clothing stores and shops we can collectively keep our friends and nieghbors employed right here at home.
So many families are struggling to make ends meet that often the part time job as a bartender, buss boy, pizza dilivery driver or food server is what is making the difference between sleeping in a warm bed or having a mornings breakfast.
It will take sacrifice for many people to patronize the local bussinesses often but if everyone can make it a point to do stop by a local small business, it may only be that once a week or month you could take the family out to enjoy a good meal at any of the fine eating establishments or stop by anyone of the great sports bars and pubs for a couple of beers and some wings or a burger... maybe stop in at one of the many local clothing stores, thrift shops or shoe stores or order out for a pizza I can assure you that your patronage would be greatly appreciated by both the small business owners and those which he/she wishes to keep employed and you will be making a HUGE difference in someones life.
**My intended purpose is to post POSITIVE comments only, please refrain from posting anything negative about a local small business bar or restaurant as it will be removed:)**