Oconomowoc/Watertown/Ixonia/Johnson Creek/Sullivan Area For Sale

Welcome to the Oconomowoc/Ixonia/Watertown/Johnson Creek/Sullivan Area For Sale Page! Please read these rules before buying or selling. The admins of this group do NOT make any profit from this page, this is strictly for these local residents to have happy, drama-free, buying and selling transactions locally. We do not make any profits from you posting or selling an item!
This group is for buying and selling is for local residents of Oconomowoc, Sullivan, Ixonia, Watertown, and Johnson Creek cities. Exceptions are made for Rome, Helenville, and other townships that are in the school district of these cities. You MUST live in one of these cities to post.
This is your one-stop shop and sell site. Everything will be sold on one group page. There are several albums with different categories - ranging from childrens clothing and baby gear, to adult clothing, motorsports, furniture, household, collectibles, and even houses. No vendor advertising here. When posting please post your pictures into the designated albums. In the description of each picture you must state your location and asking price. Let's keep this site an organized group - and make shopping easy and fun for everybody!
Please visit the Files page for full rules. They are all designed for a fun, happy shopping experience.