Liberty, equality, and freedom from oppression. These are just a few of the basic principles our founding fathers were protecting when they wrote our constitution & bill of rights. These days the face of tyranny comes in the disguise of protection and righteousness, but more and more , the cloak of deception grows transparent as the deceitful engage in acts of treason against the American people. Fear propagates compliance, compliance births subjugation, and subjugation is the willful surrender of the American spirit.
Few will stand to defend the many, and that is why OKCM is here. The words " A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." are more than simply a paragraph in the constitution, they highlight the duty of every free man and woman in this grand country to oppose tyranny and blatant travesties against our rights. When the time comes, there are two choices: Be the Sheep, or Be the Wolf.
We are not anarchists, we are not radicals, we are not insurrectionists, we are not domestic terrorists, and we are not dissidents. We are of the people, comprised of the people, and we are for the people. Freedom is not an idea, it is a privilege that was granted to all Americans in 1776, and must be defended for the generations to come.
The mission of the OKCM is to provide a diverse and well-regulated State Militia that stands ready to support and defend the Constitution of the United States Of America against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, as well as to preserve the rights of a free state for the citizens of the great state of Oklahoma- and if necessary, the rest of the grand union as required. We will train our members to ensure they are effective and efficient members of their team. We will also serve as a response team in the event of natural disasters, search and rescue operations, and to support or assist the public in any way we can. We will strive for professionalism and accomplishment, and through well structured training and discipline, we will prevail over whatever adversary of freedom and the American way of life that may present itself, be it the storms of the plains or the reigns of oppression. One fight, one family, for the future. OKCM.