Old School Motorbicyclists

This group is for motorized BICYCLE enthusiasts to use for shari...ng all motorbike related info, opinion, reviews, and thoughts. This group WILL NOT TOLERATE any rudeness, trolling, flaming or disrespect towards ANYONE posting, no matter how stupid the question. We want free exchange of ideas without all the trolling and smart-assed comments seen in too many groups. Be warned, all answers will be looked at and bad advice WILL be called for what it is. Those insisting on giving bad advice will be booted at my discretion. ALL decisions are the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY of the group founder.
Adult language is allowed but not offensively towards members.
Use common sense and common courtesy.
Conflict and rudeness will not be allowed. Be nice!
Anyone wishing to join group simply request to join and I'll add you as soon as I check in. (usually daily)
All are welcome but spammers beware! I WILL boot ANYONE posting sunglasses or any other useless non-bike related crap.