Online Carboot - Tamworth & Lichfield Area

Fast growing selling page for the Lichfield, Tamworth and surrounding areas,
Please familiarize yourself with the group rules, Once read click ”like”

(01) There are no limits on how many different items you sell per day
(02) You must ensure legal age limits, licenses and the law are adhered to at all times
(03) You must be honest when selling, if an item is not working you must state this

(01) Be cautious when buying, ask for the sellers mobile number and don’t go alone
(02) Check the item is in its described condition, especially if electrical
(03) If you believe a seller is smuggling or selling counterfeit or pirated items please report confidentially to Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111 or report online at

If any members, buyers or sellers have any problems with another member please inform admin so we can investigate and ban if necessary.

Any business posts will be deleted, if you would like your business advertised please contact me