Ontario Ranger Club

An interest based group for those who enjoy their Ford Ranger's. Anybody is welcome to join, as long as you either currently own a RBV, have owned one in the past, or are currently looking at getting one. The idea started with a couple friends sharing the interest of eachothers truck. As soon as we saw the interest these truck bring, we decided that local meets would be an awesome way to explore new ideas. We want to share what we have learned, and discover new things! We have Quarterly meets, that are up and ready to go!

We are open to Rangers, Explorers, Broncos, Sport Trac plus any vehicle based on the RBV Chassis. We welcome any style of vehicle, lifted or lowered, shiny or muddy.

Also included in this list, has been added Mazda B-Series trucks.

Please respect other members their trucks and builds

Our site was just launched! check us out at http://orc.vtfm.net/

Thanks and we look forward to meeting you all