Operation Greece Pug Rescue

Who we are: We are your neighbors and friends you have not met yet. We found a common goal in a lost little pug named Gypsy and we grew to 200 members who were all desperately trying to catch a terrified pug. by sheer determination, drive and resourcefulness our band of Gypsy followers managed to catch her after 15 days on the run in bitter NY cold.

What now: Requests from Desperate owners looking for help with their lost pets have been coming in each day. Sadly there are too many lost! Our little group of Gypsy's Pug Posse have been helping other dogs in our area too whenever we can. We cannot help them all, but will always help the one we can see.

What we need from you, to help your dog: FIRST and FOREMOST, YOUR HELP! Our folks are volunteers giving of their own time, money and sleep to help pets get home. So whatever they can do no matter how little or big is huge! Please remember this when you ask for our help.There are no expectations of what someone else thinks we should be doing, we will help you our way. If that does not work for you, please feel free to move on.
If your dog is lost and never spotted or does not turn up in a shelter, we are not likely to find it, sorry that is the plain truth.

What should you do if your dog is lost:
1. Contact Animal Control in your town IMMEDIATELY, contact neighboring towns also, you would be surprised how far they can move and how fast they can do it.

2. Call vet offices in the area to see if the dog or cat showed up there injured.

3. Physically GO to Lollypop and Rochester Animal Services, if you do not go and look your dog could be there and will not know. Most of the time they will not tell you by phone, YOU have to go down there.
4. Post on craigslist, a lot of rescues watch craigslist and share your pet with thousands in a few minutes on facebook.
5. Post your lost dog on Facebook! get him/her out there fast!.
6. Make a flyer people can share, post and hand out. So have a current picture
8. Contact Operation Greece Pug Posse, we can, will and want to help YOU catch your pet. We are not doing it all for you, we help you as best we can. The owner of the pet should contact us not a friend of a friends bothers, mother... the actual person who owns the pet or we cannot help you. You may contact us by text, email, facebook or phone. Jennifer at 585-703-3049 or Karla at 585-732-8001
9. Check out the smart phone app: Finding Rover. Every bit helps.
Last but not least: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Get your pet micro chipped, have a collar and tags on your pet at ALL TIMES. They are the easy ones, they get home right away.
Facebook Rescues that post lost pets very quickly are:
GRASP, Rescued Treasures, Pittylove Rescue, Lost dogs of WNY. Lost Dogs of the Fingerlakes. There are more and I can add to this list if you send them my way.