Operation Roger "Truckers Pet Transport"

Transport application and requirement forms are available at: http://www.operationroger.com/forms/
Emails to support@operationroger.org
Donations, etc. to P.O.Box 15, Prescott, AR 71857

Who we Are...
Operation Roger is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization comprised of regional and long-haul truckers who volunteer their time to transport needy pets as they do their regular jobs of delivering freight across the country. They take each pet in the cab of their trucks and give us all the TLC which so many of us need desperately. Because we get all the individual love and care we need, these truckers only take one or two of us at a time. We get to lay our chins on their lap as they drive and get talked to and petted. We even get to sit in the passenger seat and watch the scenery. We protect the truck when the trucker is out of it. Often, we even get to sleep with them.

We've been abused and abandoned, lost, or left behind when our humans had to move and couldn't take us with them, or many other reasons for us to find ourselves in need of human help. Then rescuers come to the shelters, bail us out, and find us new homes. Sometimes we are adopted to loving homes in a state far away from where we are. Sometimes it is a rescue who has room for us. Often our humans, who had to leave us behind when they moved and left us in good hands with someone they knew, are now able to care for us in their new place. Oh, how we long for that reunion.

What they do not transport are animals used in the show circuit or from/to for-profit breeders unless they have been retired and are altered. There are many, many pets in kill shelters now who are pure bred. I was myself.

It is also a fact every day and night, tractor/trailers are rolling up and down the nations highways, heading to far away places hauling the food, clothing, dog food, etc. you all depend on. Operation Roger serves us pets as the trucks serve the economy while helping everyone interested in helping us pets save valuable resources at the same time. It is a win-win situation.

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