Opportunity Hub Lesotho

A hub created for Basotho to share opportunities for scholarships, jobs, internships, grants, training programs and fellowships, events and conferences, etc.

* Do you know of a local job opening? Post it.
* Do you know of a scholarship/fellowship? Share.
* Is you company looking for interns, for volunteers? Share.
* Do you know of a grant that a local NGO/company can apply for? Share.
* Has your university just opened applications for next year? Share. Someone may want to apply.
* Have you been to a great international event/conference? Share. Someone may want to go next year.

You never know who will follow your link/post and discover an opportunity that will change their life forever. You never know when, you, yourself, will learn of an opportunity that will make your dreams come true.

PLEASE NOTE: any post that does not align with any of the bulleted points will not be accepted in the group. If you are looking for a job or anything similar, keep looking at the opportunity posts, it might just be your lucky day.

Join. Add friends. Share. Learn. Motho ke motho ka batho ba bang.