Orangeville/Shelburne/Local Businesses: Free Advertising

"This is a place for any and all Orangeville/Shelburne and local Canadian Business Owners/Home Business Owners to post their services and website (s) and other info to help spread the word. Please have your business friends join in the fun." All the citizens now have the opportunity to shop locally first! So tell everyone who will listen. Check out Orangeville/Shelburne Business Free Advertising first…
You don’t need a website just a business or service with contact info and you’re in!

Please feel free to add your company to the to the wall once and then add it to the album(s) along with a description and website link along with a description, Simply just go view photos pick your category click add photos and upload that baby to the category that suits your business remember to add all your important info like website, contact etc to the description section of your pictures. If you don't see a suitable category let me know and I will create 1 for you and your services. Please also add your company banner to the banner album if you have one with a description and website link for extra advertising. Thanxs for joining and pass the word!!! YES home based businesses are included you count also!

Remember to let all the places you shop at to drop in and see us for some free advertising it helps us all. Remember to view listed services just go to the album open it and click through the services listed until you find what you need! This is our link: pass it on!!!!

Please ask if you would like something added or have suggestions!!!