ORGAN Transplant Initiative (OTI)

Welcome to Organ Transplant Initiative (OTI). This group was established on November 3, 2007 following Bob Aronson’s August 21st heart transplant.

We are a support group, a news and information clearing house and an activist organization that not only promotes organ donation but also supports and encourages research into organ regeneration, organ cloning and similar efforts along with continuing development of bio-mechanical devices.

We also believe that humor is essential to our mental health and we encourage efforts in that direction that reflect the good taste and common sense standards of this on-line community.

Our Sister site, Bob’s Newheart on Wordpress was born on the same day as OTI and offers in depth news and commentary on donation/transplantation and related issues.

THE Mission of Organ Transplant Initiative (OTI) is four-fold
1. To prevent organ damage by promoting healthy living
2. To work to ensure that anyone who needs a tissue or organ transplant can get one
3. To offer support and encouragement to transplant patients, families, donor families, living donors and caregivers and
4. To be an accurate and timely resource for information

We will accomplish our mission by influencing key decision makers, opinion leaders, the media and the public to take positive action on issues affecting donation and transplantation.

Membership Code of Conduct
1.Members must support the mission
2.All discussions should have some bearing on the mission. Political discussions not relevant to the mission are forbidden.
3. Respect each other and be civil. Harassment of other members is not allowed.
4. No advertising unless from a recognized charity or upon providing proof that no less than 25% of profits go to a recognized charity.
5. Individual fundraising efforts are not allowed because we have no way of checking legitimacy. Legitimate, registered charitable organizations are generally acceptable but subject to review by OTI admins.
6. All posts on OTI must be in the English language to avoid attempts at illegal activity.
7.Any posting even hinting at illegal activity, or pornography will be removed.
8.We are a non-denominational group therefore we do not allow the advertising or promotion of any particular religious group nor will we allow criticism of religious groups. Expressions like "God bless you" and please pray for my friend are legitimate and do not violate this policy.
9. We are an equal opportunity group that welcomes all races, religions, nationalities and relationship preferences.
10. Medical claims must be legitimate and backed by scientific evidence. Anecdotal evidence or individual case studies do not constitute scientific proof.

Offenders may have their posts deleted, be blocked from further participation and have their membership revoked.

If you are not an organ donor become one now by clicking here Tell your friends to do the same.