Origami Owl Designers Only - For Sale

A GROUP (109 Designers in 4 Days!?) for Origami Owl Designers On...ly, to SELL & BUY EVERYTHING! Retired and/or Current Jewelry, Business Supplies, Display Items, Apparel, Decals and to get information on OTHER SITES that carry and Sell "Approved" Origami Owl Items, Etsy / Pinterest Finds that are "APPROVED Origami Owl" Items - anything and everything we Designers need to HELP OUR PERSONAL BUSINESSES!!

We ADMINS will ALSO be making *Special Posts* here and there if we see something that might be of INTEREST / IMPORTANCE to our Group such as posting the Links go POSTAGE WEBSITES that can assist you in obtaining what it will cost to SHIP the certain items you are selling, and links to the Company that Makes our O2 WINDOW DECALS and such!!

We hope we set our site above many by making it easier for you to come to ONE PLACE, to SEARCH FOR whatever it is you want or need, to SELL whatever you need to from Current Items to Retired Items, to Supplies, Apparel, Display Items and in a comfortable, relaxed, MONITORED (to make certain we also have the LEAST amount of drama or dishonesty within the group) atmosphere with Admins who are here to help however and WHENEVER we can!

Please understand, there are two of us, we both have Families, little ones running around and are also working our business - but you can post and pm us with anything you need and we'll be here!

Thanks for helping us start an AWESOME, "get everything at once" Group!! Keep sharing the group!

Your Admins