Orting Citizens Blotter

Orting Citizens’ Blotter Code of Conduct:
For Users & Moderators

• Name-calling and divisive comments will be deleted.
• When in doubt call the police and then report. Some situations may not necessitate a call to the police, we understand that; however, you should never worry that what you’ve witnessed is not worthy of police response. Call 9-11
• Keep the posts about facts. Limited commentary is ok, however, when commentary is not related to the post (at the discretion of the moderators) it will be deleted.
• You may be asked to remove or revise a post that doesn’t quite meet the posting criteria. Please do not take it personally - this is a focused blotter. Other Facebook pages in Orting are better suited for heated debate.
• Do not attack other posters for their reporting,
o “Why are we worrying about this when…”
o “Don’t you think there’s better things to report…”
• If you want to post anonymously, please message a moderator or me and we will post on your behalf.
• Posting protocol is to follow the 5w’s as well as you can:
o Who do you see? “2 males, looks early 20’s”
o What do you see? “Shining flashlights in windows”
o When did you see it? “1 hour ago, 5pm”
o Where did you see it? “Kansas, by the Firehouse”
o Why are you reporting this? “suspicious, never seen them before”

• Anyone can become a moderator. If you would like to moderate and are willing to follow the rules, please ask.
• Moderators will endeavor to keep the posts focused on the facts and where possible, request the original poster modify the posts.
o This is often takes the form of a request and a 5 minute limit to revise the post. If the post is not revised, we do not have the ability to edit it ourselves and it will be deleted.
• If a post is deleted the moderators will address why and provide contact information for how to discuss why the post was deleted.
o Feel free to contact me directly, Josh Penner if you have questions.
• All discussions regarding posting deletions or violations of the Code of Conduct will be done via private message with the moderators or in person.