Other Worldly Lure & Readings


A peaceful place for people of all walks of life to come together to discuss, learn from and interact with others of different paths, To Improve your psychic skills with practice and/or receive a reading.

I would like everyone to learn and grow while in this group. I want this to be a gie and take. because in most groups the readers are far out weighted by the seekers wanting readings.

I look forward to seeing this group flourish And grow. As for I also hope to see each and everyone flourish and grow. I will be in the shadows most of the time till the things going on in my life level out. But in the mean time if you have any issues or concerns contact me

If there are any type of issues with in this group please message me or tag or comment on this thread.
The rules are simple
* Respect one another.
* Treat how you wish to be treated.
* Must be a group member to get a reading
* Readings may be done on yourself or a deceased loved one or any object. *NO EXCEPTIONS*
* Be Adults, no bash, no hate post.
* No links without admins approval.
* If you block and admin and refuse to unblock them you will be deleted and banned. All admins must be able to communicate with all members
* All member must post at least once every 90 days or you will be deleted. Not banned just deleted. You will be able to join again.

Rules can be changed or added at anytime by

Jessica Doyen Creator and Owner admin
Shannon Campbell admin
Isaac Stone admin
Kerahian Trautt admin