PA S10 Owners

The purpose of this group is to interact with Central PA and Nor...thern MD S-Series owners for the purpose of socializing, assisting and organizing times to meet up and enjoying each others rides.

First of all, you do not have to live in Central PA to be a part of the group; although the majority of this group is from Central PA and Northern MD. This group is open to anyone in PA and surrounding states, and to anyone with roots in PA. Additionally, if you feel you have something to offer this group and live further away, you are welcome here.

There is also a group for Northeastern PA S10 owners, Feel free to be members of both groups as this page is still going to have a lot of relevent information. Craig Snedeker is the admin for that group.

Western PA also has a group, Again, feel free to be members of both groups as this page is still going to have a lot of relevent information. Mike Coffey is the admin for the Western PA group.

For more info on V8 trucks, feel free to check with Rob Young; who is a member of this group who runs the website and the V8 Series group. Additionally, there are many V8 owners on this page who can answer questions you might have.

If you are in need of used S10 parts locally, check with Kevin Ditzler; who specializes in S10s and S10 parts.

If you have Syclone/Typhoon/Sonoma GT related questions, you can ask Danny Willey, David Kress or Brittany Birgfeld within the group. Otherwise, check with the FB Sy/Ty group or

If you need facts or historical information (or need to win an argument), feel free to let me know. Also, I have a page documenting my project if you'd like to follow it.\

If you need information regarding the Chevrolet S10 Cameo trucks, you can check with David Wood. He owns several of these trucks and probably the most qualified person you'll ever find about these rare trucks.

Other group admins are David Kress, Nick DiFrancesco, Joe Srouji and Scott Bell if you need anything.

Otherwise, keep it clean, have fun and act like adults