Even if this group is called #PIZZAGATE, it is about much more t...han pizzagate! It is, to be honest, about EVERYTHING! About LIFE & LOVE.. about FREEDOM and JOY.. and about all that hinders us to live life like it was meant to be.
So again: Pizzagate is NOT the cause, it is a symptom of a very complex problem. And that problem exists already as long as humanity exists and it is world-wide. No country is spared. The system protects itself, that´s why nothing really happens to those who did great wrong.
But more and more people are waking up and are no longer willing to accept a world where people are abused, manipulated, enslaved and killed.
This group is for that kind of people – for those who want to know the TRUTH, and can handle it. For those who want to dig deeper and deeper, until the beginning of everything, to root out the cause and create the world we want to live in. We CAN make this Earth a GOD place to be, because BETTER is just not good enough! Future generations will look back with great respect to those who stood up for TRUTH and human DIGNITY. It´s time for a change. NOW.
And pizzagate is just the tip of the iceberg. But it´s a beginning. We can start there and that´s why we called the group #pizzagate, because that is kind of an entry door to everything related to it.
So come in! Be welcome and share what you have to share.. Just be ready to learn about things you could never have imagined.. It´s probably worse than you ever thought.. but as well there are options, there are solutions, much better than you ever could imagine.

To be able to really and fully understand pizzagate, a deep understanding of the structure of society, history of humanity and a willingness to question things as they are presented in the mainstream-media is required. At least an open mind.
And an open mind is NOT the same as accepting EVERYTHING – for example: “Oh, to be pedo is OK, it´s just another form of love”- It´s NOT and we have a very clear understanding about what is OK and up to everyone to decide and what is NOT OK! Whatever serves humanity, whatever is based on TRUTH, GOODNESS and BEAUTY, whatever helps us to grow as an individual and as society as a while.. on our path of evolution.. towards ONE human family, on ONE planet, living together in PEACE and ABUNDANCE, learning from each other and enjoying the differences as a gift not a threat!
We will not tolerate any abuse of each other when debating. No bashing of each other with swearing, racism, sexism, religion! And we do NOT promote VIOLENCE. In NO form. If we do so, we are not one inch better than those we accuse.
People who do not respect this rule will be banned without further notice.
Let´s join forces and create the life we always wanted to live. For us and our children and their children.. and all living beings…on this beautiful planet.. and beyond.. Namaste