Hamilton Pokemon GO Trainers

Welcome to the official and original Pokémon GO Facebook group f...or Hamilton ON Trainers!

First and foremost goto Pinned post on arrival.

Secondly no 18+ content as this is an all ages group, sure it's funny but there is a time and place for that and the place is not here

ZERO SOLICIATION, We are not Kijiji, if youare selling buttons or patches that's fine but offering rides will have your ad removed instantaneous.

Here we partake in daily lure drops, share information of Pokemon locations and most importantly gyms!

The 3 teams come together to do battle throughout the city having daily meet ups and make new friends!

This is a hater free zone though welcoming friendly rivalries between friends and frienemys.

***Do not post memes unless in the meme thread
***Refrain from posting server messages if you do they will be deleted there is a single thread for that

Attention all pokemon trainers worldwide, a quick piece of advice from a friendly admin! Be cautious of your surroundings at all times and never ever meet anyone you don't onow directly in a private location. Always meet people with a group and in a public place, at the very least use a buddy system. There are many sexual offenders and other weirdos out there. We need to prevent further crime by looking out for eachother and using our heads

Gotta Catch'em All!

Administrators:. Derek Shalaquandro Gash, Johnny Margim, Rusty Corringham, Zach Fuller, Chyna Macdonald, Chris Eden