Queensland Lego User Group

Welcome to the Queensland Lego User Group

We are a non-for-profit Adult Fans of LEGO® group.

Please read the pinned post at the top of the group when you are approved to join.

This is a group of Adult Fans of LEGO® , or AFOLs as we are sometimes called. It is a group of LEGO® hobbyists who share a common interest and have combined their resources to get more enjoyment from their hobby. Our main goal is to share our LEGO® hobby with others and in doing so, build great friendships and LEGO® models, but most of all, enjoy ourselves.

Being a state-wide group, we are in the process of developing social sub-groups in Brisbane, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and beyond. While we have a lot of members in the South East, we also have members from Far North, Central and Western Queensland who represent the group in self directed public/charity events, connecting and sharing with other members via social media.

QLUG does not run its own shows, but members attend multiple events all over QLD and interstate. We have a large representation at Brick Events shows in South East QLD.

Our group meets up in person every month or so for social meets, sharing our creations, participating in fun activities and planning what we want to do as a group. We meet at various locations over South East QLD, including the occasional hosting at Lego retailer Bricks n Fun Capalaba.

We also meet to discuss and plan future events, and do other LEGO® related activities. But our main focus is the sharing and enjoyment of building with little plastic bricks.

Please check the group regularly for updates on meets and local events. Also, you must be an active member for a period of time to gain access to the marketplace.

Play Well

Queensland Lego User Group is not endorsed by LEGO® and is not affiliated with Lego in anyway. The words LEGO and some images are copyright to the LEGO Company.