Quispamsis & area "Small Business Advertising"

Welcome to the new and improved "Quispamsis & Area "Small business advertising" here is a place where we can advertise for free :) and hopefully snag a deal ;)

Admin team

Jessica Dawn LeBlanc
Betty Russell


Each person will now be allowed to post up to 5 items in the list below
((Pictures, albums, posts and bumps))
Must add LOCATION ((ex; Quispamsis, Saint John, Hampton)) , and PRICE and DESCRIPTION of your item.This makes the sale run much smoother and you will sell your items faster and more effectively this way
ZERO tolerance for fighting or harassing a member - this is not kindergarten
*Common courtesy to the other sellers* if you have a problem ..please handle the situation via PM or contact an admin
Small businesses only...we will not allow commercial or big name businesses...only mom & pop

Thank you from the ADMIN TEAM:)

The group Administrators will also not be held responsible for anything sold or purchased through this group.
The Admins have the sole right to ammend modify remove or add to these rules at ANY TIME